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Leadership Power Paradigms Producer Tools
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Leadership Power Paradigms Producer Tools

JUST FORLeaders Who Want Maximum Wealth-Producing Results From Their "Human Capital" Assets!

Your Leadership Power Paradigms Tools Have
Proven Knowledge, Effective Methods And
Results-Boosting Strategies Used By The
World's Greatest Leaders For Enriching
Creativity, Quality, Productivity and
The Powerfully Wealthy Impacts
Of Your Human Capital Assets!

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Thank You for attending one of my Leadership Power Paradigms! (LPP) webinar sessions - I hope you learned some useful ideas, strategies or processes during the 14-minute session which could enhance, empower and enrich your leadership performances!

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Why Do People Need Your Best Leadership Performances?
As many of you have already realized, the most effective purpose for your leadership actions has been hidden from you - and yet, regardless of the type of organization you work with, you must accept that the ONLY reasonable purpose for each and every leadership act is simply this:

"Leaders Must Transform Their Human Capital
Investments Into Robustly Imaginative,
Wealth-Producing Powerhouses!"
Whether you happen to work in a governmental agency, community or educational services organization or for-profit business enterprise, your leadership responsibilities are basically the same - WHY Do I Say That? - because each person who works with you has their own sources of unique human treasures:
  1. Each person has 4 core Capital Resources, most of which are God-given and naturally available

  2. Each person has 4 primary Capital Attributes, which were and can be formally or informally trained, developed and strengthened

  3. Each person has 4 key Capital Assets, which are employed or used to improve the success of your organization

  4. Each person has 4 major Capital Impacts, which generate the tangible results, contributions and profits of their performances
Yet, somehow and in some way, your leadership actions must be effectively invested into the specific processes, practices and products which can transform all of that Human Capital into various forms or types of wealth, abundance or prosperity for your clients, customers, constituents, communities, volunteers or employees, vendors or suppliers, your channel or strategic alliance partners, your contractors or consultants, and of course, your taxpayers, owners or investors.

What Is Wealth - How Does Your Leadership Help Grow It?
The Christian Bible, experts like Abraham Maslow, Frederick Herzberg, the father of modern economics Adam Smith, Peter F. Drucker and many successful investors, entrepreneurs and others say that wealth is not the mere accumulation of material goods - throughout human history, these wise folks have always known that generating wealth, abundance or prosperity usually means combining these 3 traits:

  • Meaningfulness of ideals, purpose and actions (God);

  • Materials, such as money, investments and possessions (gold);

  • Maturation in personal characteristics or behaviors and professional performances (glory).
For more than 30 years, economic studies indicated that the 4 major sectors of our global economy create wealth by depending on the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of people who perform the tasks and leaders who manage the work within those sectors - e.g., look at farming, mining, manufacturing of goods, serving and servicing, as well as researching and developing new or information-based products.

So who produces or grows wealth, abundance and prosperity - What exactly do they produce?
I believe it is each person's duty, mission and ability to generate new or better ("better" means creating more efficient AND highly effective) ideas, innovative and entrepreneurial ventures, methods and techniques, products and processes, production or delivery of goods and services.

Today's leaders must work with their followers in "softer", more purposeful ways - the most effective leaders are completely engaged, service-driven and robustly-intelligent (i.e., by using analytical, emotional, spiritual & systems intelligence) in their approach when helping their employees.

When you think-about, focus-on and totally dedicate your efforts to improving the value, quality and growth-potential of your employees and their work products:
  • You will fully employ your cognitive skills, expertise & knowledge;
  • You will confidently apply your determination, time & attention;
  • You will creatively invent better ways to share your advice, insights & instructions
The best way of leading your knowledge-work professionals & support staff, your personnel on the front-lines of production or serving customers, and your supervisory, project & team managers is to use:
"persuasion or influence, casual or dialectical discussions, interviews or open-ended questions, model and map making, collaboration or partnering techniques, inspirational tactics or motivational strategies, envisioning exercises, coaching and counseling, self-directed learning, consultative processes or practices, knowledge analysis and validation, innovation or sustainability metrics"
How Could You Increase Your Leadership Power?
I know I can help you improve your leadership performances, increase the power and effectiveness of your leadership actions, and enrich the results of every leadership plan, process and practice that you could possibly need or think of - but, even though I know I can help you, because I have helped hundreds of other leaders, you need to ask yourself, Will you allow Bill Thomas to help you become a better leader?

I have been a leader and manager in educational & community services, concert promotions & youth development events, restaurants & retail services, IT & telecommunications operations for more than 45 years, and worked on projects in over 75 nations while living throughout the USA, in 3 European countries (UK, Netherlands & Germany) and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2 years in Riyadh, 1 year in Al-Jubail). I have devoted more than 25000 hours of my life to studying and evaluating the subjects of leadership, management and innovation strategy - Do you believe Bill's experiences could help you become more effective in your own leadership performances?

Finally, since 2001, I have worked on developing and improving an ethical, efficient, empowering system that's designed to increase your leadership power - this system includes proven principles, strategies, procedures, technologies and techniques which provides leaders like you with a fully personalized educational experience that's custom-tailored to help you deal with all your unique challenges and situations - Are you beginning to see the value of working together with Bill Thomas to powerfully achieve your personal, professional and career goals?

Leadership Power Paradigms (LPP), Training
Materials, Tutorials & Coaching For Executives,
Managers, Professional Practice & Entrepreneurial
Leaders Who Want Wealth-Producing Performances!

What Do You Learn (and Get) In This LPP-Tools Program?
During the first 30 days, you will get the following items:
  1.   The 217-page, Paperback Edition of "The Leadership Power Handbook - Mastering The Dynamic Drivers Of Legendary Leadership For Your Personal and Professional Success!" - Buy Bill's book on Amazon.Com Now or Wait Until Day-31 of The Program to receive your own autographed copy, with a personal inscription written to you by Bill Thomas, your personalized book will be ordered & mailed-by-post to your home or office by us!

  2. The PDF version of "The Leadership Power Handbook...!, by Bill Thomas, will be sent to your e-mail Inbox

  3. Access to the PDF Tutorial Guides from our popular "The Leadership-Toolkit Training Course"

  4. Direct access to our "live" & recorded "Leadership Power Paradigms!", our weekly, 14-minute webinar series with titles & amp; descriptions

  5. You get access to 2 of our Group Coaching & Tutoring Sessions, 30-60 minutes per session- all Attendees can ask questions or describe their challenges with Bill & the Group, all sessions are recorded

  6. Access to our online, "Action Time Machine", online app for planning and managing your time and scheduling your work tasks (such as, writing, meetings, reading, making plans, etc.)

  7. You get PDF and Video/Audio versions of our "Executive Professionals' Excellence Collection", to help you think clearly, act decisively, speak confidently & persuasively, and much more
And, That's What You Get In Month 1 - In The Months After That, You Will...
  • Get new 7+ page PDF Tutorials sent to your e-mail Inbox every month
  • Have access to 2 or more 30-60 minute, Group Coaching & Tutoring sessions every month
  • Have unlimited access to the online "Action Time Machine" app for planning, scheduling & managing your time and work tasks
  • Permission to send 1 question to Bill Thomas via e-mail, every month, and get Bill's full answer to your question
  • Get 1 Leadership or Professional Development Lesson sent to your e-mail Inbox, every week
  • Have 20 or 40 Minute, Private, 1-on-1 Coaching Calls (1 or 2 Calls) with Bill Thomas, every month
What Else Will You Find In The Private "Members-Only" Area?
Each and every week, Bill will post various TOPICS, PLUS, the titles and tidbits about upcoming and previous LPP episodes, PLUS, Bonus Training Materials (e.g., handbooks, workbooks, videos, blueprints, templates, cheat sheets & maps, etc.) and Executive Guides, Group Coaching (30-60 minute sessions), Articles & Reports and exclusive discounts on our special Leadership Courses and Programs.

TOPICS That Will Improve Your Leadership, Management,
Professional and Entrepreneurial Skills To:
Think, Feel, Perceive And Act...

  1. like a Visionary

  2. like a Visionary Leader

  3. like a Decision-Maker or Problem-Solver

  4. like a Strategist or Strategic Planner/Thinker

  5. like a Strategic Leader

  6. like an Agenda-Setter

  7. like an Innovator or Innovation Expert

  8. like an Entrepreneur

  9. like an Innovative Leader

  10. like an Entrepreneurial Leader

  11. like a Thought Leader

  12. like a Game-Changing Leader

  13. like a Transformational Leader

  14. like an Inspirational Leader

  15. like a Philosophical Leader

  16. like a Coaching or Educational Leader

  17. like a Business or Professional Practice Leader

  18. like a NGO/NPO/Government Agency Leader

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LEARN HOW Their Problems Got Solved - GUARANTEED!

It's simply amazing how good your life can feel when you solve your problems through your learning, understanding and our expert wisdom - that's how we help leaders become more effective and transform their poorly executed ideas into golden results.
Their success was always based on....

What Our Satisfied Customers Say About Our "Toolkit" Of
Proven Effective Training Strategies And Methods PLUS
Uniquely Customized Coaching Follow-Up Sessions!

"I'm learning (by teachings, clear assignments and discussions with an experienced leader, Bill Thomas) the foundations of leadership, learning to listen and communicate with my people and learning to empower my managers.

I'm (also) learning how to equip my people and develop their skills, and their confidence and self-esteem grows (even stronger) because they are already started to see some (tangible) results with what they now call my "new methods".

My vision is getting clearer for me and my people and they already feel more empowered to achieve that vision. We are less afraid about dealing with daily problems, coaching the employees, training them and letting go those that didn't align with our vision.

One of the greatest influences of the Awesome Leadership Program on our management structure is the fact that all my managers now see that even recurrent minor problems with an employee impacts our whole vision about great restaurants and they now know that they have the responsibility to act upon those little problems because they are the creators of our vision.

So, you don't have to be a big company to (see really positive, measurable) benefits from (Awesome Leadership) teaching and program. If I could have joined that program when I was the manager of just one restaurant, I would have been more skilled to help my colleagues and started to build a strong structure. The company would already be different by now.

The Awesome Leadership Training Program is very helpful and produces real positives changes in our day-by-day realities. I would recommend it to any other manager or supervisor who'd like to improve their situation or transform their company into a great company."
Ms. Marie-Claude Trottier
Executive VP - Subway
Quebec, Canada

Dear Mr. Bill Thomas,
Thank you very much for sharing this information with me.

From the first page that I begun to read it seemed to me very interesting and captivating.

These information is very well presented and very useful for my work and for my profession.

Innovative Leadership is a subject that arises my interest... So every thing I read it is very useful... I will be able to use your pieces of advice (here) in my job and profession.

Thank you very much.
Good luck with your activities and with your business. Best regards,
Mihaela Doncea, MBA

"Your ears should have been burning earlier today as I told (our Dean and the other Professors) about the great ("Vision-Mapping" and "Strategic Planning") process you have been leading us (Executive Board Members and Program Directors) through."
Dr. J. Fraser
Department Chair & Professor
Colorado USA

"Thank you very much too. All information I (have received) from your (Program) helps me a lot, especially in my profession as a Professor in Business Management and Marketing subjects and even in my Doctoral classes."
Dr. R. Salvador
Professor - Business Management & Marketing

"Using this "(Meeting Management Software) Generator!" has made leading and managing our meetings fabulously productive and enjoyable - Thanks!"
Lynn S.
Executive Director & Business Consultant
Colorado USA

"Another winner tool from you guys, you helped me suck the hassle factor out of all my insane meetings"
David S.
Business Development & Marketing Technology
Colorado USA

Here's What Readers Say About Our Executive Guides

"I really like the paper you sent me. I am reading it very slowly and savoring it. I am inspired...  I also like the cadences of your writing. Some of your sentences beg to be read aloud."
Dr. Jane M. Fraser
Author, Professor & Chair-Engineering Department
Colorado State University-Pueblo

"Thanks Bill,
I just read it.  It is thoughtful and well presented.   It is especially applicable to those people who get so busy running their own companies/organizations that they don't have the time to research how they might or should be improving.
All the best."
Ann Blackburn, Ph.D.
Organizational Performance Improvement Consultant
California, USA
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