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16-Week Awesome-Leadership Power Tutorials-3-Payments
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16-Week Awesome-Leadership Power Tutorials-3-Payments

The Awesome-Leadership Power 16-Week Program
To Boost Your Legendary Leadership Results!

It's Your Immersive, Intensive, Intelligent Educational Solution

  1. Evaluate Needs: Using Complexity, Problems and Challenges To Creatively Determine Your Key Priorities and Most Profitable Opportunities
  2. Shape A Vision: Construct, Craft and Communicate Powerfully Proactive, Robustly Empowered and Emotionally Engaging Visionary Positions
  3. Build Leadership Agendas: Easily Identify and Focus Every Action On Addressing Your Most Important Organizational and Strategic Priorities or Objectives
  4. Pursue Strategic Goals and Objectives: Learn How to Improve Your Strategic Thinking Skills, Enhance the Mapping and Planning of Your Strategy, Master the Art of Aligning Your Strategy With Employee Development and Managing Processes for Effective Execution
  5. Perfect Your Behaviors: Applying Your Talents, Values and Intelligence(s) to Energetically Drive Employee Commitment and Consistently Take Effective, Results-Driven Action
  6. Connect Your Core Traits With 10 Key Power-Patterns of Leadership: Using the Best of Your Natural Behaviors, Traits and Personal Strengths to Competently Engage Employees and Confidently Encourage Their Hearts
  7. Perform Effective Leadership Roles: Learn How to Superbly Perform 4 or More of 14 Highly Effective Leadership Roles And Cleverly Increase Your Impacts On Organizational Performance
    ➔ It's 3 months long, that's 16 weeks of Training, Coaching and Follow-Up Tutoring You Get More Than 50 Hours of Action-Oriented, Results-Driven, Blended, Multimedia Training!

    ➔ It features 2 CDs (PLUS You Also Get Your 500+ Item, "CD-PowerLibrary"!), AND 3 DVDs (packed-full with ebooks, audio & video lessons and software tools), PLUS 35 Webinar/Course Workbooks, Papers and Interactive Visual Aids;

    ➔ It comes with 75-90 minute Live Group Coaching Sessions, that's 2 Sessions per month (recorded sessions are in the Members' Area *);

    ➔ It also gives you 12, Phone-based, 60-minute, Private, 1-on-1, Executive Tutoring Follow-Up Sessions with Bill Thomas;

    ➔ It's Better - Every 2-Weeks, there is a Live (and it's recorded) 60+ Minute Supplemental Webinar summarizing a key topic that means your Program includes a minimum of 14 Supplemental Webinars!


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*** Our "RESULTS-BASED, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE" Is simply this: If for any reason, within the first 30 days of your enrollment in this Program, you are not satisfied with the Results you are receiving from this Program, we will, upon receiving a written request from you, cheerfully and immediately refund your money back, with no questions asked, no hassle and no hesitation on our part. ***

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