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Starting Today You'll See Substantial Boosts In Your
Leadership Competency, Influence And Expertise
With Real Gains In Your Effectiveness, Results &
Leadership Skills Through This Powerful 90-Day
Development Program - It's GUARANTEED To
Deliver 100% R.O.I., Or Your Money Back!

The "Energize Your Cognitive, Coaching, Creative Leadership Power Program!" gives you 12 Full Weeks of Multimedia-blended, Tutorials-based, Structured Learning-plans, Systematic-growth Tools, Study Action-Guides, Skills-empowerment Resources which provides you with:
  • 90 Days of In-Depth, No-Fluff, Serious, Action-Focused, Results-driven, Educational Examinations of Strategic Executive-level and Critical Organizational Leadership Principles, Processes & Practices

  • A Leadership Toolkit That's Stuffed With Convenient, Easy-to-Use, Elegantly-powerful Software Tools for your planning, envisioning, performance-improvement tracking, meeting management, business writing and Internet researching tasks

  • Daily Tutorial Lessons via Email; Downloadable eBooks, eMaterials, Transcripts & eWorkbooks; Online Video Seminars; MP3 Audio Programs for your portable media player devices; Private & Confidential Members' Only Areas to schedule or arrange for your special 1-on-1 coaching sessions, group tutoring classes and progress reporting services

  • Leading-edge, Time-tested, World-class Knowledge that's designed to deliver practical, relevant and useful solutions while helping you meet and overcome the many, diverse and complex challenges facing leaders in today's business, government and service organizations

  • Roadmaps, Navigational Aids and unlimited access to the Leadership Power Compendium (The Compendium contains 1000s of rigorously researched leadership training articles, videos & lessons) to support your on-going development, improvement and empowerment - Everyone Learns Differently and Every Leader Is Unique - Your Maps, Aids and Compendium highlight the various pathways, processes and parameters you can follow to personalize, customize and energize your leadership performances

  • Personal Leadership Empowerment Series - weekly audio programs & Web-based courses featuring 12 36 complete personal-improvement, power boosting program packages - that's teaching from the best positive thinking, personal empowerment and emotional intelligence gurus - learn the secrets of life planning, self-image building, masterminding, goal-setting, taking decisive confident action, loving yourself, improving your memory, healthy living, strategies and tactics for manifesting the Law of Attraction in every facet of your life - easily think, believe and act with supreme confidence!

  • FAST MOVER BONUS - 90 Minutes of Phone/Online Consulting "Life Line" Conferences with Bill Thomas - it's inevitable that you'll run into problems, roadblocks and other tough decisions as you're building your knowledge, refining your skills and improving your competency as an effective leader - to meet those challenges, you can ask, consult with and pick-up advice from Bill, who is this Program's creator, author of the "Leadership Power Handbook", keynote speaker & recognized leadership expert - you can use those private, consulting and coaching sessions to gain the clarity you need to work through you issues and move forward

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