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Energize Your Strategic, Innovative and Visionary Leadership Power!
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Energize Your Strategic, Innovative and Visionary Leadership Power!
Energize Your Strategic, Innovative and Visionary Leadership Power! Save Money
Save Precious Time
Save Shipping Costs, Too!

Now, Your 22-Item Package Has Been Upgraded, and Includes ALL These Resources & Much, Much More! And It Is Has An Actual Value Of More Than $1750...
But You'll Pay Far, Far LESS!
  1. Video - How Exactly Do Effective Leaders Employ These Empowered Envisioning Principles?
    - Actual Value = $97
  2. Video - How To Reliably Discover And Exploit The Most Profitable Emerging Business & Consumer Market Trends - Actual Value = $97
  3. Executive Guide - Emerging Market Trends Analytical Processes and Methods
    - Actual Value = $69
  4. Software - The Info Finder PRO Executive Research Tool - Actual Value = $39.95
  5. Handbook - Today's Leadership Agenda: 4 Critical Paths To Powerfully Coaching, Competently Leading And Totally Engaging Your People - Actual Value = $49.95
  6. Handbook - Time-Tested New Product Creation And Innovation Strategies - Actual Value = $29.95
  7. Software - VisionQuest Mapper Tool - Actual Value = $29.95
  8. Software - Leaders' Daily Performance Enhancer Tool - Actual Value = $29.95
  9. Handbook - Setting And Achieving Your Strategic Leadership Priorities - Actual Value = $39.95
  10. Tutorial - Mapping And Leading Your Organizational Strategy and Strategic Plans
    - Actual Value = $97
  11. Handbook - How to Creatively Identify, Evaluate & Solve Your Problems
    - Actual Value = $29.95
  12. Executive Guide - Use The BUILD! Formula To Energize Self-Confidence In You & Your People! - Actual Value = $19.95
  13. "Learn To Focus" - 28-minute, MP3 Audio Program - Actual Value = $19.95
  14. "Why You Need Imagination Age Leadership Power" - 47 page Executive Briefing
    - Actual Value = $29.95
  15. "DREAMER! Imagination Age Leadership Strategies" eBook (the PDF Version of our popular Nook eBook) - Actual Value = $19.95
  16. "Action-Unleashed, Executive Productivity-Booster eGuide" - Actual Value = $19.95
  17. "As A Man Thinketh", James Allen's Classic, in PDF format - Actual Value = $9.95
  18. BONUS Video Tutorial - "How-To Create Effective Leadership Agendas That Score BIG Wins Over The Challenges of Today!" - Actual Value = $97
  19. 60-Minute, "Live" Webinar Course - "10 Effective Leadership Strategies For Improving Employee Engagement" (This Webinar Will be Recorded and Available To You Online!) - Actual Value = $197
  20. 90-Minute Webinar Workshop - "Using The 5-by-10 Leadership Framework That Always Creates Sustainable Cycles Of Business Growth and Unlimited Sources Of Continuous Improvement Opportunities!" (This Workshop Will Be Recorded, And Includes Your Workbook And Transcript Notes) - Actual Value = $249
  21. Monthly Group Coaching Sessions - 60-Minutes Where Bill does "Questions And Answers", Plan and Blueprint Reviews, & shares his Practical Leadership Tips and Useful Insights
    - Actual Value = $297 for 3 Sessions
  22. You Get a Confidential 30-Minute, Phone-based, 1-on-1 Executive Coaching Session With Bill Thomas - Actual Value = $197

Finally, Here Is Our
Risk-Free, Fail-Proof, No-Hassle
Trustworthy, Feel Good Guarantee
That Delivers Real Results ($$$) You Can See!

"You'll learn how to apply 100 highly effective, fail-proof leadership
strategies that will empower you to competently work on, shape &
confidently create substantial improvements in the performances of
your Engaged Employees and boost your organizational results
while you accomplish 5 or more of your most critically urgent,
business priorities and strategic goals in 90 days or less:
Or We Will Cheerfully And Immediately
Refund Your Investment In This Program
And You Will Owe Us Nothing At All!"

You Can Read or View or Listen To All The Items In This Program ONLINE
Or You Can DOWNLOAD this Package and create your own DVDs or CDs
Or You Can Store These files on your computer or network
BUT, Whatever You Choose To Do,
Please Put This Awesome Collection Of Powerfully Dynamic Tools to
work on focusing, sharpening & empowering your ENTIRE organization:
Begin To "Energize Your Strategic, Innovative and Visionary Leadership Power" TODAY!

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